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Hypnosis & Coaching

For Stress Management - Motivation - Productivity - Life Goals - Fears/Phobias

 **Please refer to the specific pages for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and the 

Stress-free Success Program for more details on those programs

My style of hypnosis is much different than many hypnotists you’ll interview. I believe in a complete spirit, mind, body approach to any changes you are looking to make. As a Strategic Intervention Coach and Success Principles Trainer we start by determining and clarifying your goals and then identifying your blocks to success.

Depending on your answers, I may have you do an exercise to further help you understand your motivating factors and blocks. We discuss your faith, family and any other factors around you that determine your beliefs and values. So we’re not just finding your why (your motivation) but we’re also finding your why not (why you have stayed stuck).

Once those issues are identified, I use energy techniques and aromatherapy to aid the clearing and prepare your subconscious for the hypnosis session. If either of these are objectionable to you for any reason, they are not necessary. I have just found them to be extremely helpful in setting up the groundwork and allowing the subconscious mind to relax and prepare for the work. For example, EFT has been found to be extremely helpful in identifying unresolved emotions and also in discovering true motivators. Essential oils are extremely helpful at relaxing the mind and body and can be used as anchors to recreate that sense of relaxation.

The hypnosis session is very relaxing and yet you will awaken refreshed and highly motivated about the success of finally achieving your goals. You’ll feel emotionally strengthened and motivated to make the changes you are looking to make.

Despite the claims you may hear on advertisements, hypnosis is rarely a one and done session. Most of our issues are deep and multifaceted. Secondary motivators commonly are present and are why other techniques and trying to “will” change rarely work. Because of this, I recommend at least a series of 3 sessions. Of course, you are welcome to try it out and just get one session, you’ll definitely benefit and discover a lot about yourself in that one session. But since we do a lot of discovery during the first session, I really think you’ll want more. 

The first session is generally about 90 minutes to 2 hours. 

Each following session is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Payment is expected either before or at time of service. Unfortunately, hypnosis is not covered by insurance at this time. If you are curious about hypnosis but not sure about an investment just yet, I recommend taking one of my classes and experience what it's all about. But in case you still have any questions, check out these FAQ's.

OK, I’m curious. Can hypnosis help me?

Q. I’m a Christian, is it ok for a Christian to be hypnotized?

A. YES! Relax. I’ve got you covered with this one. I’m a practicing Catholic and researched this before I got into this field. Roman Catholics, the Anglican Church and Lutherans actively support and utilize hypnosis in helping people. On the other hand, the Church of Christ, the Seventh-day Adventists, the evangelical church, fundamentalists and charismatics tend to preach and teach against it. Most churches and groups are in the middle where hypnosis is really not an issue. If you are very concerned, please just let me know. I can even design your hypnosis experience to be a totally faith based one with all suggestions based on your faith and beliefs. I bring this question up first because it’s very important to me. My faith is very important to me. And if it’s important to you as well, I want you to be assured you and your mind are in safe hands.

Q. When I’m under hypnosis, am I totally out? Will I remember anything?

A. At all times you are aware and in control of everything happening and everything I say to you. You can even disagree with what I say! But that usually doesn’t happen because we’ve talked about what your goals are before the session and the hypnosis is completely tailored to what you want to achieve.

Q. What if I fall asleep?

A. The subconscious mind will still hear me. But if at any time I think you may have fallen asleep, I use specific techniques and suggestions to help you become aware again.

Q. What conditions does hypnosis treat?

A. In the state of NJ I am only able to claim that hypnosis is effective for weight loss, smoking cessation, in assisting with stress management not related to medical or mental health disorder, increasing motivation in employment, the workplace and in sports and enhancing creative, artistic and scholastic endeavors. I’ll let you read in between the lines.

Q. Does it really work?

A. Yes, but often it takes more than the one session wonder many hypnotists claim. The reason for this is that many habits, such as smoking, need the reinforcement of more than 1 session to make the new habits “stick”. If you’ve been smoking for 25 years, it’s best to reinforce the new habits and make sure you’re not falling back into old patterns. Weight loss is another area that doesn’t have a single facet. Believe it or not, most people with weight issues don’t eat because they love cheesecake and are hungry. Most people who have weight issues have a variety of reasons they are overweight. These are both physical and emotional reasons. The good thing is that hypnosis addresses both and once they are addressed, they are gone permanently. But this may take a little time to unwind and reveal.

Q. Is hypnosis like therapy?

A. NO! If you are dealing with serious psychological issue, you need to contact a licensed therapist. I can not diagnosis or treat any medical conditions.

Q. What happens during a session?

A. The hypnosis I offer is actually considered Hypnocoaching. When you come in, we will review your goals and the specific issues you want to change. Together we decide on a course of action you would like to take to achieve those goals. I will then hypnotize you and start the hypnosis session. Once we are done you will feel rejuvenated and not tired at all.

Q. Is it expensive?

A. Most hypnotists will schedule a call with you and try to sell you on their services. I respect you and your time more than that. I put my prices right here on my site so you can take your time, review all the information and then decide if this is something you want to try. No pressure. If you’re anything like me, and I’m almost certain you are, you like to think about something and let it marinate. Once you’re ready just give me a call….I’m here for you.

Service Prices

Compare Hypnosis/Coaching Programs and select the best fit for you.

Pay as You Go


$195 for the FIRST session,

$140 each subsequent session

Perfect for the person who has it all together 

but needs a little help once in a while

Single Session

Package of 3


Approximately 4 hours of session time

Perfect for working with 

fears,/phobias/anxiety or for work or

sports performance issues.

3 Sessions

Package of 6


Approximately 8 hours of session time

Perfect for someone going through

life transition, or who needs

business/life coaching

6 Sessions

What customers are saying

With Liz’s insight, identifying the problem, getting it treated, using natural products such essential oils and diatomaceous earth, eliminating most bread and sugars from my diet, and eating cleaner, not only have I have lost weight, I have also gone from a size 18 to a size 11 in a short period of time, and I am still losing weight and inches! I am convinced that her insight and guidance has been a huge factor in the results I, and others, are seeing in my body.

Sharon Hall