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Smoking/Vaping Cessation

No one has to tell you smoking and vaping aren't good for you. You know it already. You can't stand the way your clothes 

or hair smell and now you're getting more and more concerned about your health. 

 I certainly don't have to sell you on the idea or motivate you to do it. If you're on this page you want it. 

It's just been so hard before. But not this time. This time you'll have support and won't need drugs or 

patches to kick the habit. 

Isn't it time to give yourself the gift of being a non-smoker? 

Hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking and has been substantiated by numerous studies proving so. 

I support the hypnosis with essential oils, Earseeds and a flower essence to alleviate the stress often accompanied 

by quitting. Your first session usually lasts 2 hours and follow up sessions will usually run an hour. 

You can choose if you want to quit right away all at once or taper off. Yes, you can taper off!

Call today! Don't wait one more day to live the smoke-free life you want.