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Stress-Free Success

Life Coaching for Professional, Personal and Performance Success

12 weeks - private sessions

What is Christian Hypnosis?

Christian Hypnosis is not Spiritual Guidance. I am not a Spiritual Director who can guide you on your spiritual path or relationship with God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit.  However, this will deepen as a result of hypnosis. But it comes from within you.

Instead, through coaching, I can guide you in determining your goals and dreams and the achievement of them.

But as a Christian you know you want God involved in every aspect of your life; your relationships, your finances, your career and your health.  Christian Hypnosis, rather than using secular terminology, is focused on the promises given to us in the Bible by God. The hypnosis session is all  focused toward that. All the language that's used will be Biblical and spiritual. This helps you apply Christian principles to making life changes. Making those changes through, with and by the power of God and His Word. Hypnosis will help us do this and bring these principles to life.

Private or Group Christian Meditation - 45 minutes to hour, no discussion, guided meditation on what ever topic you would like